So gorgeous! Xiaomi 20W lipstick super charger: it is a power bank and a charger

The lipstick power bank is popular with many girls because of its small body.

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin has launched an Anker lipstick supercharger with a new lipstick shape. There are two colors of black and pink, and the price is CNY99.

It measures 113x30x30mm and weighs 170g. It also has a small handle design. The overall weight is only 170g. It can be picked up with a single finger, and there is no pressure to carry it out.

The standard charging plug is foldable, and it can be charged at any time at the sockets in cafes, high-speed rails, and public areas. The surface is embedded with a circular battery indicator, and it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge itself.

Anker Lipstick Super Charger is both a power bank and a fast charging head. The PD fast charging power is up to 20W, and it can charge 50% in the first 30 minutes (iPhone 12).

After testing by Anker, the 5000mAh power bank + fast charging and self-charging can support iPhone 12’s daily power consumption.

At the same time, Anker Lipstick Super Charger is equipped with Power IQ 3.0 smart charging technology, which can intelligently match the current for different devices, and the fast charging function does not damage the phone. It can also automatically identify low-current devices and provide adaptive current.

In terms of safety, there are ten safety protections such as overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overdischarge protection, output overvoltage protection, high/low temperature discharge protection, high/low temperature charging protection, overcharge protection, and signal interference protection.