Some Google Pixel 6/Pro have screen problems: flashing green screen

At present, the first batch of Google Pixel 6/Pro has been handed over to consumers one after another, but just as the previous generations of Pixel will have some strange problems, this generation is no exception.

After getting the new mobile phone, some users reported that their mobile phone screen had some abnormalities.

First, Reddit user @HairyPorter23 posted a video. The video shows that when the power button of Pixel 6 Pro is pressed, horizontal fine lines appear on the phone screen, and sometimes it is connected in pieces, making the screen appear flickering.

The netizen also said that his Pixel 6 will be greenish when it displays a black screen, which is a common problem for the OLED screens used in Google’s Pixel 6 series.

Many brands of mobile phones with OLED screens have experienced this problem, including Google’s previous Pixel 4 XL and 5a models.

But the strangest problem among these screen problems is that there is an extra hole near the position of the hole-digging camera on the front of the screen.

Twitter user @MarkSchrammVR also posted a video on Twiiter. It can be seen from the video that there is an extra hole under the hole-digging camera on the front of the phone.

The user stated that this is not a physical damage to the screen, because pressing this position will not cause deformation and liquid leakage.

This seems to be another digging hole, but afterwards, he said that the dealer then replaced him with a machine with no problem.