iPhone 14 pro changed back to bangs screen? This article will take you to know the latest iphone information

Leakers have long believed that the 2022 iPhone models will include two notches at the top of their screens: one for the camera and one for the FaceID system. It is said that the two notches will appear as a single pill-shaped notch when the iPhone is displayed. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman later confirmed the report.

Apple intends to turn off the pixels between these two notches to create a continuous black space.

In other words, the iPhone could feasibly take advantage of this black space and change the size of the bangs for those purposes.

Reports say that Apple plans to use this space to display the green and orange camera and microphone indicators currently in the status bar. Doing so could make privacy metrics significantly more visible than they are now. Supposedly, users will be able to tap on these metrics to see a list of which apps have access to the microphone or camera. The report also mentions that the iPhone’s camera app could get some redesign, with the expandable control bar moving to the top of the screen instead of coming up from the bottom.

Currently, the settings bar lives at the bottom of the screen and then expands with a control at the top.
Those rumors dovetail with recently published patents, including a proposal to separate the phone’s infrared light emitter from the main notch. “Infrared light emitters can be placed in a location with less space constraints and use light-folding elements to project infrared light in a specific direction,” reads the description surrounding these patent claims. “This can reduce the overall size of the imaging and sensing elements, thereby reducing the size of the recess used to accommodate the imaging and sensing elements, increasing the display area of ​​the device.”

The reports come less than a week before Apple’s “Far Out” event, where several new iPhone models are expected. The professional model is expected to include a new chip, an autofocus selfie camera, and a price increase. We’re also looking forward to new Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch Series 8, and an update to the AirPods Pro lineup.