Telesin Gopro9 Allinbo- The best choice for a GoPro battery charger

Because I was traveling, I bought a lightweight GoPro9 sports camera. The problems that followed were: First, GoPro9 comes with only one battery, which is absolutely impossible for one day of battery life, and GoPro9 can only charge one battery at a time. Therefore, buying GoPro9 batteries and buying a GoPro9 charging compartment has become a top priority. I finally chose one, TELESIN GoPro9 Allinbox retractable charging box. Why choose it? Listen to me slowly.


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What I bought this time is a dual-battery kit and a charging compartment, because my own GoPro9 originally has a battery, so I just made up three pieces to satisfy OCD. The packaging has no need to say, the ordinary white and simple design, the simple stroke pattern used in the charging compartment, in fact, I bought this charging compartment because of my fancy.


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After removing the charging compartment, you can see that it is still very different from the ordinary charging compartment. It is more rounded and cute and more fashionable. Yes, when I chose it, I saw that it was all black and ugly. I skipped the other charging compartments without thinking about it. Although it is only a charging compartment, the appearance is still very important.


Other accessories are the charging cable (type C interface) and a simple manual (no need to read)

Excellent workmanship and batteries comparable to the original factory


Let’s take a look at the charging compartment. There is also a small hanging hand, which is very cute and stable to pick up. The quality of the cable is very good. The cable is very thick and it is not easy to pull it out even if it is pulled hard.



Press this button to open it, and it says “press to open” very intimately. After all, I really pulled it out for a long time at first.


When charging, there is also an indicator light on the outside, which is red if it is charging, and green when it is fully charged.


To sum up, this TELESIN GoPro9 Allinbox storage type charging box also perfectly meets my expectations. It has a cute appearance, good quality, and powerful functions. The included battery is of better quality than the original factory one, and it can be used without any problems.