The battery capacity of iPhone 13 series is revealed, iPhone 13 Pro Max has a surge of 18% power!

Let me start with the conclusion. It seems that the inherent advantages of big phones are still difficult to break. The power king is still won by the iPhone 13 Pro Max. And it is also the biggest improvement compared to 12 Pro Max!

It can only be said that the camera specifications of the iPhone 13 Pro this time are basically the same as those of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so the difficulty of stealing more space is “in theory” higher, right?

According to the comparison, we can see that the thickening of the iPhone 13 series is really not without reason. Compared with the 2020 iPhone, the four models this time have the following power differences:


The iPhone 13 mini has a built-in 9.57Wh, which is about 11.6% power increase compared to the 8.57Wh of the previous generation

iPhone 13 has a built-in 12.41Wh, which is about 15% more power than the previous 10.78Wh

The iPhone 13 Pro has a built-in 11.97Wh, which is an 11% increase in power compared to the previous 10.78Wh

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a built-in 16.75Wh, which is an 18% increase in power compared to the previous 14.13Wh

From the perspective of the increase in battery power, the 6.1-inch iPhone model maintained the same battery power specifications in the 12th generation, but the iPhone 13 Pro did not maintain the same battery level-slightly less, which also resulted in the increase in the iPhone 13. It is even less than the 11.6% of the iPhone 13 mini.

However, it was also discovered that the “video streaming playback time” of the iPhone 13 mini actually surpassed the previous generation iPhone 12 Pro Max in battery life.


Such excellent performance and media analysis may be the advantage brought by A15 Bionic’s optimization of video encoding.

This means that with the more upgraded hardware and software, the battery life of the iPhone 13 generation may be really worth looking forward to.