The biggest change in history! The new iPad mini with full-screen design will be launched in August

According to the latest report, the new iPad mini will be released this fall, that is, a full-screen design without a Home button and a narrower frame.

The overall design of the new iPad mini is similar to the iPad Air and is equipped with a better chip. This will also be the biggest change in the history of the iPad mini.


The last update of the iPad mini was in 2019. It is equipped with an A12 Bionic chip and supports Apple Pencil.

The previous news also mentioned that the size of the sixth-generation iPad mini is almost the same as the fifth-generation iPad mini. But it has adopted a new design, such as removing the Home button, adding the Touch ID power button, using a larger display screen and a scaled-down screen frame, and replacing the Lightning interface with USB-C.


The report also mentioned that Apple is continuing to develop a larger-screen Apple chip iMac, and replace the current 27-inch iMac. This machine may be equipped with M1X or M2X chips, the details are currently unclear.

In May of this year, Bloomberg said that Apple has suspended the development of the large-screen Apple chip iMac, focusing on the new 24-inch M1 iMac.