The division of labor, play style and command skills of the four-person team in PUBG


   1. Personnel selection

   2. Staff allocation

   3. Operational location selection

   4. Resource point allocation

   5. Equipment resources

   6. Select point transfer

  7. Information collection and tactical decisions

   8. Discipline

   9. Rhythm

Personnel selection

   To choose a fixed team, you must first determine the KD, damage, and duration you want (it is recommended to choose a level that is similar to your own, not too strong or too weak. Otherwise, the rhythm will be different, and it will be easy to quarrel)

The two most important points in selecting people are consciousness. Consciousness generally includes guessing where the person is. You can listen to the gunfire to make a certain argument. Someone around you can judge for yourself whether you can eat the face, or even if you retreat to report the point, pull it in time. Gun line, closed smoke retreat, etc.

   At the same time, the selection of candidates depends on the issue of personal non-combat attrition. Many people are conscious and have marksmanship, but there will always be non-combat attrition for no reason. (For example, driving and crashing into someone’s face, being crushed by a car, hitting a teammate to death, entering other people’s premises empty-handed, falling to death, etc.) This may be overlooked by many people, but if you want to be a strong team, this point must be satisfied. (The biggest reason why our team can’t go up KD is due to non-combat attrition. Our fatality rate is about. 2 has non-combat attrition. Currently, everyone is improving, and there are already some effects)

After satisfying the above two conditions, try to choose a compatible personality. The specific personality to choose depends on whether you are compatible with the players, whether you are having fun, whether there is a problem, whether there is no brain quarrel, not throwing the pot, and taking the initiative to back the pot is one. The minimum performance of a good team, the resumption of the game after the game, and reflection on mistakes are basic. Remember, don’t start dividing the pot right after the fight, you should start thinking about yourself first. (Proper quarrel is normal, as long as you grasp the degree)

Staff assignments

   Generally, a fixed team is divided into four positions, command position, breaker, sniper, and free man. (Each team is different, this is only the division of most teams)

   The following is what each position should do (there is no fixed, everything can be temporarily replaced according to the battlefield situation, the battlefield is time, if there is enough time, the person in his position will give priority to it.)

Command, the brain of the team

   The commander is in the general team, decides the selection point, room allocation, transfer time, circle route, offensive time, offensive strategy, ceasefire and release of personnel, etc.

   It is generally recommended that the person with the clearest thinking in the team should be in many teams. The command position is part-time. The position of the part-time job generally depends on the individual’s good position and the team’s shortcomings to choose.

   Each team has different command methods, different strategies, and how to command is decided according to the obedience of the team members.

   A good command style should be changeable, sticking to one plan can only make you feel the bitterness of failure.

Breakthrough, the shield of the team

In most cases, the breakthrough hand is responsible for pulling the gun line, the first to attack the building, the front line of the team, and the most important person. It is your task for the breakthrough hand to suppress the opposing backhand. As long as you ensure that your teammates can hit the maximum output, It should be sent up.

   Generally, it is recommended that the team has the strongest marksmanship and the person with clear thinking should be responsible.

   A good breakthrough player will have his offensive thinking and strategy of attacking buildings. It is not called a breakthrough player if he has no brains. It is called cannon fodder and has no use for eggs.

   The most important duty of the breaker is to create output space for his teammates, give the opposing team a sense of oppression, do not block the teammate’s gun line, do not grab the output position, and attack the building directly without blocking the teammate. (When attacking the building, the breakthrough player would rather not output, but also walk in and pull the gun line to create opportunities for teammates behind)

   After the command decision is issued, you should immediately fight up according to the situation. How to fight is your problem. In most battles, time is the most important thing.

A common signal to be hit is that the opposite is on the deadly route into the circle. We are in a stalemate with the opposite, and the sniper knocks down one person. In this case, we must speed. The faster the speed, the easier it is for you to eat them, and the easier it is to make up. Into the circle.

Freeman, the eye of the team

   Freelancers are generally responsible for pulling umbrellas, finding cars, exploring points, and collecting information after the break.

  It is generally recommended that the person with the strongest resilience, personal ability, and discipline should be responsible. The freeman is not necessarily the strongest, but the free man must be the one with the strongest ability to survive, sacrifice, and discipline.

After choosing the route, the free agent should try to determine the number of people to choose the point, how many people, and the approximate location. The team is threatened, depending on the situation, choose whether to pull the umbrella to see the people, find the car, and decide whether to go to the spot alone according to the tactics. Occupy small important housing areas, etc.

   When there is no car in most cities and there is no car in the surrounding area, the free man must choose to go out to find a car according to the situation.

   In the 31-point push, free men act as the eyes of a team. You don’t need to kill, you just need to understand the situation, determine the location, and collect information. When enough useful information is collected, your team has won half of it.

   When 4 people push horizontally, the free person is responsible for observing the post-pointing, side-pointing, and collecting useful information. (In some cases, you can even sacrifice a free man, let him drag the team behind, and create time for teammates to find or clear a safe area)

Sniper, Spear of the Team

   The sniper is the darling of the team, generally high-powered lens, tertiary head, priority allocation of bolt sniper, and no need to do other things, only need to knock down people, long-distance suppression.

   It is generally recommended to play well with the sniper, the rifle is single-pointed, and the quicker person is responsible.

   The sniper mission is the simplest and the most difficult, knocking down the opposite side, starting the battle of the Charge, and suppressing the opposite side. (Suppression means that you have to keep firing, hit the outcrops, or hide in a bunker to suppress him and dare not fight back at will)

  A qualified sniper can choose a suitable output position, and at the same time, without being stolen by other teams, Shuan Sniper will knock down at least one person in each attack.

  You only need to choose the most comfortable output point for accurate output, paying attention to the surrounding environment of the point. When the two sides broke the stalemate, the team made tactical choices around the sniper

Drop point selection

   How to have a car at the beginning, a searchable housing area, and a suitable route to run drugs, the basic equipment is the basis for eating chicken.

  The general consideration for selecting points is the route, team strength, terrain, familiarity of the room type, and route to the circle.

Old picture selection

   Strong team selection points: Airport, N Port, Xiacheng District, P City, Y City, etc.

   Equilibrium points: City R, dormitory building, Shangcheng District, City M, Port P, large and small power plants, etc.

   Weak team selection points: Southwest Field, K Town, G Town, Guangmingding, S City, Z Town, Northeast Field, etc.

New image selection

   Strong team selection points: Saint Martin, P City, Lion City, EP, military aircraft, etc.

   Equilibrium points: EA, railway station, prison, M city, milk pit, I city, etc.

   Weak team selection points: Port P, Water Plant, Oasis Wilderness, Prison Island Wilderness, Port V, T City, Cruze, Circus City, etc. (three cities around military aircraft).

  At least 2-3 fixed points should be determined on each map. Keep in mind the nearby car-washing points, highlands, key housing areas, etc., and choose the landing point according to the number of people on the route.

   Choose cool search, mount a gun, retreat, etc. according to the urban situation.