The most complete M416 strategy in history!

The most famous rifle in PUBG must be the M416. The overall strength of this rifle is extremely outstanding. The disadvantage is that it relies too much on accessories, especially the choice of muzzle and grip, which will make this rifle a huge difference.

Today, I will share with you the correct matching method of the M416 accessories, let you know why the M416 is fully equipped, but the M416 in your hand is always inferior to others.

1. Magazine


This is basically not a controversial point, and it is definitely the first choice for a rapidly extended magazine, followed by the extended magazine. If you have problems left by playing CF before, and you have to change the magazine after two shots, then I will not stop you if you choose the extended magazine.

2. Muzzle


This is very important, and many players like to use silencers. However, in mobile games, the shooting position of the silencer will also be indicated by the small map, which causes the silencer to be completely useless. Both the flame arrester and the muzzle compensator can offset a certain amount of recoil, and the effect of the muzzle compensator is more obvious, so it is more recommended to use the muzzle compensator.

3. Grip

The choice of grip for the M416 is also very important. The grips include right-angle grip, vertical grip, half-type grip, triangle grip, and thumb grip. The first recommendation is of course the right-angle front grip.

The Right-angle front grip’s main advantage is to reduce the horizontal recoil of the firearm. It is uncontrollable to know whether the muzzle goes to the left or right, so it is impossible to suppress the horizontal recoil of the gun. Only the accessories can be controlled mechanized.


Vertical grip. The gain effect on the vertical recoil of the gun is very good, which is very suitable for players with average gun pressing skills.


Half-length grip. Although the recoil gain is more powerful, it is less stable. Not recommended.

Lightweight grip. It is suitable for a sniper rifle such as SKS.


4. Scope

For M416, I recommend to using the 6 times scope. Here are the advantages:

  1. 6 times scope can see farther.
  2. Burst shots can reduce the recovery time of recoil

  3. The m416 itself has a fast rate of fire, quick bursts of fire can accurately knock down the enemy.

The 6 times scope can be ‘adjusted to a 3 times scope. This can help you with the short-distance battle.