The new iPhones perhaps equip the always-on displays like Apple Watch

The news from Bloomberg claims that the 2021 iPhone perhaps have the always-on display similar to the Apple Watch, and which Android phones have had for some time. 

It isn’t the first time a leak has suggested Apple is working on always-on screens for upcoming iPhones. Leaker Max Weinbach hinted earlier this year that Apple may use the same kind of low temperature polycrystalline oxide panels that its Watches have on future iPhones.

That is in keeping with Bloomberg’s previous reporting that “at least one” of the four new iPhones will include an LTPO display. The technology dynamically adjusts Watches’ screen refresh rates to conserve battery life. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier this year that the Pro iPhones coming this year would have LTPO displays and 120Hz refresh rates.


Except the possibility of always-on iPhone screens, it reported that the Apple would likely release a new MacBook Pros this fall, “between September and November at the latest.” The computers would begin production in the third quarter.