The first Hasselblad for young people

On March 9, OnePlus officially announced that it will hold a new product launch event on March 24 in Shanghai with the theme There are always stories seen by images. OnePlus CEO and founder Liu Zuohu said via Weibo that it is the masterpiece of OnePlus’ eight-year flagship, and this phone can be called the image emperor of this year.


Yesterday, OnePlus announced in Shenzhen that it has reached strategic cooperation with the legendary imaging brand Hasselblad. The two parties will aim to refresh the new standard of mobile imaging and conduct comprehensive cooperation from multiple dimensions such as natural colors and professional experience to jointly promote technology in the field of mobile imaging. Innovate and move forward together. The first joint research and development result of the two parties, the OnePlus Hasselblad Mobile Imaging System, will be launched on the new OnePlus 9 series. In addition, OnePlus also announced that it will invest 1 billion yuan in the imaging field in the next three years to create the ultimate image quality.



Since its inception, Oneplus has been optimizing the feel and high-frame screen experience, and lead the industry forward. With the blessing of product strength, OnePlus has gradually improved its performance in the global high-end market. This year, OnePlus will continue to focus on the domestic market. In the previous internal letter of the seventh anniversary of OnePlus, Liu Zuohu set a very challenging sales target of Striving to be No. 1 in China’s online high-end market in 2021.