The price is more than 2,000! Is the Midea dishwasher worth the money?

“Dishwasher liberates labor”;

“Dishwasher makes family relationships more harmonious”;

“Dishwasher is cleaner than hand washing”;

“Dishwasher is more energy efficient”


For the same reason, it is also a good experience to use iWALK Beetle to wirelessly charge while playing games. This way, the charging cable can be moved to the middle of the phone without hindering the hands on both sides of the phone at all. This is also a point where the Beetle wireless charger is stronger than the general MagSafe.

The above has almost become the consensus of most people. And “purchase an easy-to-use dishwasher” has already been included in the “annual shopping list” of many people. But new problems followed:

“How can the old kitchen install a dishwasher?”

Before that, I introduced 13 sets of independently installed water and electricity solutions in detail and also taught how to transform the disinfection cabinet into 8 sets of dishwashers. I have provided many friends with ideas for installing dishwashers, but there are still many people, there is neither a built-in space under the kitchen nor a suitable independent placement location-for this type of user, an on-counter dishwasher may be the best and only choice.


However, countertop dishwashers usually have a small capacity and a single function. Can it really meet our daily needs? Is it convenient to install?

Recently, Midea released a brand new small desktop dishwasher, code-named “first sight”-obviously, this is a hint of the appearance of the machine. The machine capacity is 5 sets, and the initial price is more than 2,000 yuan. Compared with most similar products on the market, it looks very abrupt; but at the same time, the machine bowl basket design is also ingenious, and the drying and disinfection functions are all available…

So is such a machine worth buying? Is it really an “IQ tax” product as some friends ridiculed it? This article will take you to a comprehensive understanding of this new product, and provide some references for the water and electricity wiring problems in the installation of the desktop dishwasher.


The whole body of the machine is white, and the bottom panel on the front is light blue. The overall feeling is relatively refreshing; the touch area is concentrated on the upper position of the front panel, which is more convenient to operate.

Open the door, all accessories are neatly placed in the bowl


Accessories include: salt funnel, water inlet pipe, drain pipe, fruit basket, suction cup and instructions


By the way, there is also a small packet of dishwashing powder, which is also very considerate.


After all the spare parts are taken out, take a look at the design of the bowl basket: as a five-set dishwasher, the bowl basket is actually divided into two layers, and it is an irregular shaped design. The purpose is very obvious-in order to accommodate the left side Large tableware


Turn to the back: the upper part is wrapped by insulation material, and the lower part from left to right: drain, water inlet, and power cord▲

The above is the basic situation of this machine.


Connect the drain pipe and the water inlet pipe to the back of the machine, and fix the two suction cups on the bottom with screws▲

The main function of the suction cup is to fix the machine to ensure that the machine will not move when opening the door with one hand (there will be a moving picture below). The next step is to solve the problems of water intake, drainage, and power supply.


Desktop dishwashers are more beautiful and simple to take in water is to change a faucet, and supply water to the dishwasher from the faucet▲


Next to the back of the kitchen is the laundry table on the back balcony. In addition, the kitchen faucet has just been replaced, so water is directly taken from the back balcony. As for drainage, the general solution is to drain directly to the sink, if the sink overflows ( Shown in red circle) The size is suitable, and it can even be inserted directly into the overflow hole; it is the easiest to get electricity.


For the sake of beauty, you can buy nylon cable ties to tie the drain pipe and wire together; you can also buy aluminum foil tape (waterproof) to stick the drain pipe to the sink wall▲

If you still feel that the water pipes and wires are unsightly exposed on the countertop, you may wish to search for the keyword “trunk box” and wrap them.


Okay, it is done!

User Experience:


1. Is the capacity large enough?


In fact, friends who choose this 5 sets of desktop dishwashers mostly because there is no other place to install it. Therefore, the washing capacity of the machine has become the most concerned issue.


The unpacking section of the lower bowl basket has also been introduced. Although this machine looks very mini, the unique double-layer bowl basket design makes it very powerful for tableware. The lower bowl basket is divided into two parts: the left side has a large vertical space, which can be used to put large-sized plates, and the remaining space on the side can be used for cups; the right side has a relatively single function, which is designed to place large rice bowls…

In the previous article, a friend asked if there are “standard tableware” for dishwashers available on the market. To be honest, the so-called “standard tableware” has only been seen in the research and development laboratory of a certain brand before, and I have not found it after searching. It’s not difficult for everyone to observe the above picture: I used three different shapes and even different specifications of rice bowls in the picture; as for the plates, there are also a variety of dishes. The thickest shells such as IKEA can also be easily put into this dishwasher▲

Therefore, there is no need for everyone to be obsessed with finding so-called “standard tableware”. As long as the shape is not too weird, the dishwasher can handle most dishes of different specifications.

PS: The lower bowl basket contains a total of 7 plates + 8 rice bowls + 3 cups.


Since the lower basket occupies more longitudinal space on the left side, for the upper basket, the longitudinal space is relatively small. Therefore, when the bowl basket was designed, this part was simply turned into a special storage area for chopsticks, knives, forks, and spoons; the vertical space on the right side is larger, so larger bowls can be placed oppositely, or they can be placed. Some things with relatively strange shapes, such as a glass teapot ▲

PS: There are 5 pairs of chopsticks + 3 forks + 7 spoons + 2 bowls + 1 teapot + 1 cup in the upper bowl basket. ​


This Midea dishwasher has a calibrated washing capacity of 5 sets, but in fact the capacity is still very strong. For the average family, it can even accommodate tableware produced by two meals for 2-3 people-that is, wash once a day.

There are three rows of movable brackets on the left part of the lower basket, which can be completely put down. After putting it down, this part becomes a large surface, and at this time, you can put in large pieces of kitchen utensils.


For example, putting down a 22cm diameter cast iron pot is very easy


2. Can it really clean the dishes?


You get what you pay for. This Midea has made a lot of effort in the design of the spray arm. To ensure a good cleaning effect, the bottom of this machine uses a relatively rare dual spray arm design▲


I thought that this kind of small machine has dual spray arms at the bottom, and a small spray arm at the top is almost the same. But what surprised the landlord is that there is a water outlet in the middle of the back of this machine to assist flushing▲

The official statement on the details page is called “three-rotation spray system” and “360° package washing”. But in fact, this machine has already achieved three-dimensional spray.


3. Drying and storage effect


You should have also noticed in the above content that on both sides of the inner wall of the machine, there is a small circular hole as shown in the above picture. This is the hot air outlet of the machine for drying.

4. Details


As already mentioned, there are two suction cups at the bottom of the back of this dishwasher to stabilize the machine. So what is the actual sucker effect? Here the host uses a moving picture as a display.

It can be seen that when the dishwasher door is opened with one hand, the machine is very stable and there is no sign of displacement.


When placing tableware, make sure that the upper tableware does not touch the upper spray arm; the lower tableware does not reach under the bowl, which affects the work of the lower spray arm; if the upper hanging spoon touches the lower dish, it can be severe Consider putting one less dish to solve.

To sum up:


“The sparrow is small, but it has all five internal organs.” Although the size of this new beautiful desktop dishwasher in front of us is not as good as 13 sets of machines, it can collect all pots and pans, but it has not shrunk in function. Independent drying, long-lasting antibacterial preservation, and multiple modes are optional, support APP remote control, it can be said that it has everything.

Therefore, when understanding this machine, it is a “reduced version of the all-round machine”; not a “reduced version of a simple product.”