The release time of the iPhone 13 was exposed: AirPods 3 will also appear on the same stage

According to the latest reports from foreign media, Apple will not postpone the release of iPhone 13 this year, and it will still be held online.

The report mentioned that since all employees cannot return to Apple Park, the iPhone 13 conference cannot be held offline.

Last year, affected by the global epidemic, the iPhone 12 was postponed to October. This year’s iPhone 13 conference will not be postponed, and it will still be in late September.

According to the latest news from the supply chain, Foxconn is currently in the mass production and stocking period of new iPhone products. It has been learned through recruitment channels that the mobile phone park has been continuously recruiting workers.

In terms of foundry, foreign media said that Foxconn will still undertake most of the business, including all iPhone 13 Pro Max, 68% of iPhone 13 and nearly 60% of iPhone 13 Pro.

Pegatron assembles all iPhone 13 mini and 32% of iPhone 13. It is reported that the remaining 40% of iPhone 13 Pro will be handed over to Luxshare Precision.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of production capacity, it is reported that the above-mentioned foundries are desperately increasing their bonuses.

In addition to Zhengzhou Foxconn, Pegatron’s Shanghai Pegatron plant also recently announced on its official website that it will increase employee referral bonuses, up to a maximum of RMB 8,500.

According to the current understanding, all iPhone 13 models will use A15 processors, and the size of the bangs is reduced compared to the previous generation. The Pro series will still monopolize the LiDAR lidar.

The screen refresh rate will be increased to 120Hz, and Samsung’s LTPO panel will be used to increase the battery capacity to ensure battery life.


In addition, there is news that at this press conference, Apple also prepared a new surprise, which is AirPods 3, and its order was shared by Luxshare Precision and Goertek.

Due to the impact of the Vietnam epidemic, the first batch of headsets were mainly assembled in Chinese factories.

Going back to AirPods 3, its shape is completely different from the previous generation. More reference to the design of AirPods 2, the headphone handle will be shorter.

Features include support for spatial audio, etc., and the price remains below US$150.