The Retro TV Speaker that turns your phone into a TV in seconds

With the continuous advancement of technology, many things have been replaced by technology, and people’s lives have become more and more comfortable and convenient. I still remember sitting around a heavy TV with my family and watching TV series at 8 o’clock when I was a kid. Nowadays, TV has become thin and light, and people don’t even use TV to watch TV series. Is it possible to switch to a mobile phone to chase dramas but at the same time have the retro ritual sense of watching TV? The answer is yes! Today I’d like to recommend this Retro TV Bluetooth Speaker to you!

20210203_16123130733991_mobile This retro TV speaker is a speaker that allows you to enjoy the audiovisual feast. This speaker with a retro TV appearance is very cute, you only need to put your phone in the speaker, then you can turn your phone into a TV in one second! The appearance of this speaker is very carefully designed, with delicate details such as retro TV antenna, knobs, tripods, and so on. Put it on the desk and immediately have a retro feel. 20210203_16123132985821_mobile 20210203_16123132867961_mobileThis retro TV speaker also has a Bluetooth function, it can be turned into wireless audio in seconds. The Bluetooth connection range is within 10 meters. The point is that this speaker has a high-fidelity sound quality speaker, so you can watch the show with clear sound quality. In addition to the clear sound quality, you can also have a 3D stereo sound experience, making you feel as if you are at the scene of a movie.  20210203_16123132871412_mobile 20210203_16123132878404_mobileIn addition to watching TV series, this retro speaker is also very suitable for listening to music. When it is fully charged, you can use this speaker for up to 8 hours, so if you want to play music on weekends or at night, relaxing will no longer be a problem. Coupled with high sound quality, it is really blessed!


This speaker also has multiple functions. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, it can also act as a mobile phone charger! In addition, it is also very good decoration, which can add retro style to the room. You can also use it as a photo frame. Put photos in the speaker like a family portrait, and the photos will have a retro photo frame.


20210203_16123149552771_mobile The following is the size of the retro TV speaker.20210203_16123152881762_mobile