After you get your OPPO phone, shut down these settings first!

OPPO mobile phones have excellent camera functions, and their gorgeous appearance is loved by the majority of female friends, but no matter how good a mobile phone is, it will get stuck as long as it is used for a long time. Our mobile phone has several initial settings that can be adjusted, otherwise, our mobile phone will become more and more card, today I will teach you how to make room for the phone.

1. Turn off the user experience program

This function means that some of our mobile phone usages will be sent to OPPO, which will help them better improve their products and services. But it does not affect us at all, it will only occupy the running memory, and finally, cause the phone to become stuck. It is recommended that you close it.

Closing method: Settings-other settings-equipment and privacy-turn off the user experience plan

2. Turn off the system upgrade

A new system update means that the system needs better configuration and matching. If it is updated blindly, it will cause the phone to become sluggish because the configuration of the phone cannot keep up with the system. It is recommended that you close it. If you accidentally update the system, you can back up the files to restore the phone, and then turn it off.

Close method: Settings-software update-upper right corner settings-turn off night automatic update

3. Clean up recently deleted photos and videos

You deleted the photos and videos in the album. They were not completely deleted. We need to delete them again. If you delete them now, you can free up at least 2 gigabytes of memory.

Deletion method: file management-clear storage space