Black Shark’s new flagship phone has been approved for network access

According to news on February 10th, the new Black Shark phone has obtained network access permission. As shown in the figure, the new Black Shark adopts a horizontal camera arrangement design, and the screen is a center hole digging screen. This is the first digging screen mobile phone owned by Black Shark.

Not only that, the new Black Shark uses a side fingerprint solution, and the processor is Snapdragon 870.


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The Snapdragon 870 mobile platform is based on a 7-nanometer process. The CPU includes a large A77 (3.19GHz) core, three large A77 (2.42GHz) cores, and four small A55 (1.8GHz) cores. Other aspects are consistent with the Snapdragon 865 Plus, and the 5G baseband is also X55 5G.

It is not difficult to see from the specifications that this new Black Shark is positioned as the flagship.

It is worth noting that Black Shark also has an annual flagship Black Shark 4, which will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor.

More importantly, the Black Shark 4 has a battery capacity of 4500mAh and supports 120W flash charging. It can be fully charged in less than 15 minutes. It is the flagship phone with the fastest charging speed in the industry.

The phone will be officially released after the Spring Festival.


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