The review on Xiaomi Laptop Pro 15 OLED

The Xiaomi laptop Pro 15 OLED uses a white packaging box with the brand LOGO and product name printed on it through hot stamping, which looks refreshing and elegant, consistent with the brand and product tone that it has always insisted on. The packaging box is an environmentally-friendly, fully recycled paper material, which must give Xiaomi a big praise, and a low-carbon life starts with little by little.


The inside of the box contains Xiaomi laptop Pro 15 OLED, manual, USB Type-C charging cable and Type-C gallium nitride power adapter with power up to 100W fast charging.


The laptop is made of anodized 6-series aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and high hardness, making the body more durable and resistant to deformation. And its surface has also gone through the 170# ceramic sandblasting process, the grain is more delicate, and it is not easy to leave fingerprints.


When I opened the laptop, I was first attracted by the glass fully laminated to the OLED screen. According to the information obtained at the press conference, this time Xiaomi uses OLED E4 material, which reduces power consumption by as much as 16% compared to the previous generation E3 material. The four-sided ultra-narrow frame design, the narrowest point is only 3.63mm, and the screen-to-body ratio is as high as 93%, which is close to the feeling of a full screen.


Although the upper frame of the screen is very narrow, Xiaomi still has a high-definition camera inside it, and a matrix of stereo noise reduction microphones are also integrated on both sides of the camera.


The buttons are made of ABS laser engraving technology, and the surface is additionally sprayed with UV coating by touching the feel, which can not only enhance the feel but also effectively improve the wear resistance. The shape of the keycap also uses a curved surface concave design, which makes the touch feel more suitable for fingers. The three-stage adjustable white backlight can accurately read the characters in the middle of the night without glare.


The touchpad has a large area and a strong sense of click confirmation. There is no sense of collapse in the four corners, and the fingers feel smooth. It is guessed that it may be made of glass.

The Xiaomi laptop Pro 15 OLED boot button integrates a fingerprint recognition module, and cooperates with the Windows Hello security authentication function to quickly enter the system after booting, eliminating the cumbersome password input process and hidden dangers such as password theft.

In terms of interfaces, it is only equipped with 3 USB Type-C and 1 3.5mm headset combo. Don’t underestimate these 3 Type-Cs. One of them is Raiden 4 with a bandwidth of up to 40Gbps, and the other two have a bandwidth of 10Gbps. All three interfaces can carry out up to 100W fast charge and video output, with the help of daisy chain feature to achieve up to 5 screens simultaneously output.

The supplied gallium nitride fast charging adapter has a power of up to 100W, which is much higher in cost than the common 65W charger on the market. The output modes include: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V, compatible with more devices, this is enough for charging outside.


Another big selling point of the Xiaomi laptop Pro 15 OLED is the 15.6-inch 16:10 golden ratio OLED E4 material panel from Samsung, which reduces power consumption by 16% compared to the previous generation E3. The nominal brightness has reached 400nits, the contrast ratio is as high as 1000000:1 (nearly 0nits in the black field), the resolution is 3456*2160, and the pixel density is ultra-high 261 PPI. The lust coverage supports two modes: 100% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB.


The external workmanship and details of the Xiaomi laptop Pro 15 OLED really surprised me, so are the internal workmanship materials equally powerful? Let’s disassemble the machine and check it carefully. Because the seams caused by CNC machining are too small and the 6 series aluminum alloy material is very hard, it is difficult to disassemble, and tools such as suction cups and crowbars are needed to open the rear shell, and its interior is very neat.

The hardware configuration of Xiaomi laptop Pro 15 OLED is Core i7-11370H CPU + 16GB DDR4 3200MHz memory + 512GB SSD + MX450 graphics card, which is a lightweight and performance-oriented model. CPU-Z performance test items, single-core 561.4 points, multi-core 2881.9 points, multi-core ratio 5.13 times

The Xiaomi laptop Pro 15 OLED is a computer with a better performance release among similar products on the H35 platform. Its MX450 discrete graphics card also enables it to have a certain 3D design capability. Of course, I think this product is more aimed at high-end business people. After all, the look and feel of the excellent OLED screen is not comparable to that of ordinary products. Coupled with the overall CNC-engraved body, it also highlights the product details that are valued by the advanced crowd.