The ultra-low latency true wireless earphone: HAYLOU GT5 earphone

The new product of wireless Bluetooth earphones is here again! This time it is HAYLOU GT5 true wireless Bluetooth earphone. It’s with AAC audio decoding and low latency for games, a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging, 24 hours of long battery life, and a dual host for left and right ears. Give you what you want once.


Although it is not called a gaming earphone, its performance is not worse than that of a gaming headset. In the game mode, with a low latency of 65ms, the game experience is excellent.

Whether a wireless Bluetooth headset is good or not depends on sound quality, HAYLOU GT5 wireless Bluetooth earphone has a built-in 7.2mm polymer resin diaphragm speaker, AAC advanced audio decoding, binaural high-definition stereo call, which can restore the authentic sound quality, capture the details of the sound quality.


Wireless earphones must have dual mainframes for both left and right ears. Of course, HAYLOU GT5 wireless Bluetooth earphones support it as well. With a dual-channel simultaneous transmission, you can quickly switch when you wear it and bid farewell to the trouble of frequent disconnection.


The new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 chips has greatly improved transmission efficiency, delay, connection stability, and sound quality. What’s even more powerful is that it is more intelligent, it can detect the wearing condition, take off the earphone and it will automatically pause the music, and put the earphone on again and it will resume the music automatically.


The battery life of the wireless headset is also an important indicator. When the HAYLOU GT5 wireless Bluetooth earphone is fully charged, the earphone can play music for 4 hours. With a 580mAh charging box, it can achieve a long battery life of 24 hours. The charging interface is also TYPE-C, so it can be charged anytime and anywhere. This is not over yet, it also supports wireless charging. Whether it is a wireless charger, mobile phone reverse wireless charging, or a power bank with a wireless charging function, it can recharge it without a wire, and it will automatically start charging after putting it on, which will be convenient to the end.




The HAYLOU GT5 wireless Bluetooth earphone is only 3.9 grams per one. The professional human body design and the skin-friendly ear caps will not cause discomfort or burden even if it is worn for a long time.


The HAYLOU GT5 wireless Bluetooth earphone’s charging box visualizes the remaining power reminder, allowing you to know the remaining power at any time, and bid farewell to low battery anxiety.