The reasons why I became a fan of Huawei

Mobile phone: P40 Pro

Laptop: Mate book D14

Tablet: Matepad Pro

Watch: GT2 Ecg

Headset: FreeBudS Pro

Why I recommend Huawei?

My personal experience for so many years shows that the battery life is good, the signal is good, the camera is good, and the quality is very, very good, especially for the mate series. This quality includes not only the safety of the hardware but also the stability of the system. I also visit Zhihu and forums occasionally. Although the Xiaomi system is more pleased to young people, it is really worthy of the title of phone with bug, and various problems really can’t make business people fans. The most important point is that Huawei’s R&D investment is very large. It’s really cursing and changing things. It has made rapid progress over the past few years. There are many specific web posts in this area. You can read it. I think continued large-scale investment in research and development is the fundamental reason why Huawei can stand out from the global mobile phones.

Whether it is the two thousand yuan Huawei nova series mobile phones, or Huawei’s high-end flagship Mate series and P series mobile phones, the quality of these mobile phones is very good, and there is no problem with daily use for two to three years. And Huawei has its own innovations in software, such as the Ark compiler and super file system. The Ark compiler performs static compilation on the Android native compilation on Huawei phones, which improves the system fluency of Huawei phones by 24%. And the super file system solves the system garbage of mobile phones, which makes Huawei mobile phones smoother than other mobile phones.

Excellent quality and smooth operation of mobile phones, this is the biggest advantage of Huawei mobile phones.