Thin and light iPad Pro protective case recommended

Since I bought the iPad Pro last year, I haven’t found a suitable protective case. There are many types of protective cases on the market, but there are two pain points that cannot be satisfied. One is that I cannot use the second keyboard while wearing the case, so my iPad can only be forced to run naked, which increases the risk of a lot of bumps. Another pain point is that most shells do not have a good way to fix the Apple Pencil. Generally, an area protrudes to put the pen in, but it is not very beautiful.


And I’m a person who likes to draw, and I often use the iPad to take notes in class. Apple Pencil is something I usually carry with me every day, so being able to hold the pen while wearing a shell is very useful and important feature for me.


Recently I started with a MagEZ Case aramid fiber protective case from PITAKA. This case meets the above two needs, and the material is very thin and durable. Let me share my experience with you. Aramid fiber may be a little strange to everyone, but Kevlar should be familiar to everyone, but in fact “Kevlar” is just the brand name of an aramid fiber product from DuPont. This is a material with high strength, good toughness, and high-temperature resistance. Its strength is five times that of steel, but its density is only one-fifth of steel. Therefore, it is widely used in military equipment such as body armor.

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PITAKA has a copper pin on the back of the protective case, which can realize data transmission and charge with the Magic Keyboard at the physical level. There are 32 magnets embedded in the shell to make it magnetically aligned with the Magic Keyboard. Relying on the high strength and light-weight of the aramid material, its weight is only 86g and the thickness is only 1.6mm. The protective shell is designed with three sides, and the remaining side is exposed to prevent jamming the hinge structure of the Magic Keyboard. Compared with the flip protective case that was included when I bought the iPad, this PITAKA is superior in terms of appearance, weight, and functionality.


PITAKA MagEZ uses 1500D aramid fiber, which is stronger than low-D fiber, so the texture will be thicker. The excellent craftsmanship makes the back of the protective shell very flat and the fiber surface feels very delicate. Since aramid itself is very wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, there is no need to worry about wearing it after a long time.


The design of the three-sided edging brings an asymmetrical beauty. The silver-gray body is exposed on the side, which looks cool, and it will not look contradictory with uniforms. In fact, the weight of the iPad Pro itself is already relatively large. If you wear a silly and thick protective case, it is really heavy for girls. PITAKA’s lightweight material and design, as well as excellent touch, can reduce the burden on girls to a certain extent.

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There is an area on the side specially reserved for Apple Pencil so that the iPad and Apple Pencil can be magnetically charged. Thanks to the ultra-thin shell thickness, the magnetic attraction between the machine and the pen is still very strong, which cannot be done with other protective shells.


In terms of openings, PITAKA’s accuracy and fineness are good, the correctness is very good, and the edges are smooth without burrs, and the hole positions of the microphone and buttons are also considered. At the same time, the camera area has been heightened, so that the shell is higher than the camera and lost, so there is no need to worry about wear and tear caused by friction on the table.


Three copper pins can be seen from the inside of the protective case. The copper pins connect the iPad to the case and then connect the case to the Magic Keyboard. This cleverly enables you to use the Magic Keyboard when you wear the case. It is really a command. 


Because the shell is very thin and the magnet is built-in, the suction force between the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard after wearing the shell will not be weakened, and the fit is very firm.


The vacant position of the Magic Control camera and the position of the shell opening can also be accurately fitted.


In terms of actual use, the Magic Keyboard, which uses the shell as a transmission intermediary, has no delay in typing.


If you are looking for a suitable case for their iPad, then this PITAKA MagEZ protective case will be a good choice.

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