This Xiaomi bracelet watch strap is so beautiful! I really like it!

I bought a Xiaomi bracelet, but I don’t like the original watchband and it’s uncomfortable to wear. Later, I bought this leather strap, which is really easy to use! Very textured, the appearance is also very nice, there are many colors avaliiable.

It is also very light, very comfortable, and very refreshing. You do not have to worry about arm sweating. The buckle nail is very convenient to open and close, and it is very easy to adjust and wear.f22be84b-ded7-3d8c-bc93-f59cd37d2f959542ae98-d332-390e-bf23-12348735bccd4594c730-644a-3ddd-aa21-593497c8a3682bcfa18b-50d1-39ea-82ef-37ae58575c65ba6d1160-c274-32c4-91d9-9de56142a247