This should be the shortest iPhone launch event in history!

I thought it would originally be an iPad tablet launch event, but I didn’t expect that the first one to be released was the new iPhone, no, the new color scheme of iPhone 12. LOL.

At the beginning of the event, Cook announced that the iPhone 12 series is the best-selling iPhone ever. Now, a new purple color scheme has been added to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.


Cook said that purple contains delicate and bright elements, beautifully highlighting the flat aluminum frame of the iPhone 12, and the color is perfectly matched with the precision ground glass on the back.

The purple version of the iPhone 12 will start accepting pre-orders this Friday and will officially go on sale on April 30th.


Then… It was over, in just one minute.

Medias joked that this is definitely the shortest iPhone launch event in history.

But the purple iPhone 12 is truly beautiful, so would you buy one?