This ultra-thin portable keyboard is super convenient for iPad typing

I have always wanted to find a portable keyboard that can be taken with me, so I bought this Logitech iK1041 ultraportable keyboard.

First of all, it’s really thinner than I thought and thinner than it looks in the commercial. It is about the same thickness as a mobile phone. The length and width are 242×137 mm, the thickness is 6 mm, and the weight is only 180 grams, which is lighter than a magazine. The secret of weight reduction is the extensive use of lightweight rubber on the back. In order to ensure the feel, it uses a cloth material on the front, which can be stain-proof and splash-proof to a certain extent.

The feel is what I am most interested in. I originally thought that the keyboard feels not good because of its thinness, but after trying it out, the keyboard feels good. There is almost no sound when inputting. I checked it on the Internet, and the online news actually said that this is a mechanical keyboard, which makes me a little unbelievable. I didn’t know that this was a mechanical keyboard before I bought it. During keyboard input, the keyboard on the original keyboard is gone, which enables full-screen input, which is great.

Bluetooth connection speed is very fast, no password is required when the IOS system is connected. When it’s off, it’s just a direct key switch, and it’s fast when it’s connected again. The input response speed is very fast, and there is almost no delay. For me, a person who thinks his typing speed is fairly fast, the response is quick.

It’s super convenient to carry around, put it in the bag, it doesn’t take up space at all. For me, this codeword artifact is indispensable.