Tribit StormBox Pro speaker: Leave good sound by your side

Tribit has already established a world with good sound quality, good performance, and good service. Tribit’s products have been recommended by dozens of media such as CNET, Wirecutter, NBC News, and IGN in the past few years. Both of its Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets are widely praised. Tribit’s XSound Go, MaxSound, Storm Box, and other Bluetooth speaker series have been among the top five Bluetooth speaker products sold by Amazon. They are in close combat with BOSE, JBL, and other major manufacturers. 


​​This time I got the StormBox Pro portable Bluetooth speaker from Tribit. In recent years, everyone’s living standards have continued to improve. Nowadays, TVs are looking for picture quality. Of course, speakers must also pursue sound quality. Tribit StormBox Pro has made great efforts in sound quality.


​​Tribit StormBox pro has 40W high power, while still maintaining a relatively portable volume. In addition, Tribit StormBox Pro also uses a 2.1 sound architecture, two full-range speaker units, and an independent low-frequency unit, making the sound more three-dimensional. Speaking of this, by the way, the design of Tribit StormBox Pro is designed to achieve 360° stereo surround sound, which can guarantee sound quality and sound effect in any direction.


​​Also, the high-fidelity sound quality of Tribit StormBox Pro is also worth talking about. Tribit uses Qualcomm QCC3008 Bluetooth chip, supports APTX decoding, and also has a TI power amplifier, uses AKM’s DSP chip, and stacks materials at any cost on the hardware. The speakers have good performance in sound quality, connection stability, delay, and transmission distance. In the low-frequency part, Tribit adopts the Xbass bass enhancement technology developed by the North American laboratory, which can create an atmosphere in an instant, and the sound is full of sense. In daily use, the mid-range and high-frequency performance are relatively balanced and with rich details, but it is naturally not as good as the bass boosted by Xbass technology.


​​Since it is a Bluetooth speaker, the battery life is definitely not bad, and the speaker that needs to be charged at every turn will seriously affect the user experience. The battery capacity of the Tribit StormBox Pro directly reaches 10000mAh, which can achieve a long battery life of 24 hours. 


How strong is the battery life? Tribit has confidently equipped the StormBox Pro with a 5V/1A reverse charging port. Usually, if some small electronic devices are out of power, you can use the Tribit StormBox Pro as a power bank.


Tribit StormBox Pro also has IPX7 waterproof, plus the volume and weight are well controlled.


​The design of Tribit StormBox Pro is also very user-friendly. The entire speaker design is simple and generous, with only the logo on the front, and the soft rubber handle feels good, greatly enhancing the portability of the speaker.



​You can buy two Tribit StormBox Pro speakers to realize the Stereo pairing, and the dual machines can be interconnected to form a stereo. The Multi-point function is to support multi-point access, which can connect two devices at the same time.


In general, Tribit StormBox Pro is a very nice product, with high-fidelity sound quality, it can be used in multiple scenarios. ​​​​