Wireless charging changes life: PITAKA magnetic charging kit user experience

In the iPhone 4 era, Apple led the sandwich structure, and iPhone 5S Apple brought Touch ID… In the era of iPhone 12, Apple had a whim to bring the magnetic attraction function that leads the future ecology, and the introduction of Magsafe made charging a simple “click”. However, the function of magnetic charging has been experienced three years ago. This is because of the magnetic mobile phone case and related accessories designed by the PITAKA brand. Among them, I am most impressed with its MagEZ Juice free charging modular wireless charging, so when the second generation of products comes out, I can’t wait to feel


Appearance display:
The packaging of PITAKA MagEZ Juice 2 is made of environmentally friendly paper, and the printing is relatively simple.


The Chinese sticker on the back shows its powerful “Chinese genes”, that is, it lacks the charging data of the product, which feels a bit strange


Our protagonist is here. This is the PITAKA MagEZ Juice 2 free-charging modular wireless charger. It looks like a desktop mobile phone holder. It is all black. The “PITAKA” brand logo is clearer. The specific ingenuity will be introduced later.


The included power cord is connected to the product itself, and the other end is the A port charging head with a charging head that supports 12W output.


Looking at the PITAKA MagEZ Juice 2 free charging modular wireless charger from the side, some people must say that this is a combination of a slope and a base? How to put it even if it is a wireless charging mobile phone?


Don’t worry, let’s demonstrate first, you can see that the phone is firmly placed on the slope, this is the magnetic charging function


The rounded rectangular part in this base is a movable wireless charging module, and it is also an independent wireless charging mobile power supply. The connection between the base and the mobile power supply uses the mainstream Type-C interface



The front of the mobile power bank is made of skin-friendly plastic, which not only ensures the smoothness of the plane but also does not hurt the back of the phone for some bare-metal users. A power button and four battery indicators are arranged on the bottom of the front


The power bank is surrounded by zinc alloy, which is lighter and smoother, and the blue luster looks very comfortable.


The back has an arc that fits the palm of your hand, making it easier to hold. The back material is PITAKA’s housekeeping skills, suitable for the aramid fiber in the military industry. This material has high strength, good wear resistance, and lightweight. It is also good in toughness. It was widely used in aviation and other aspects of the early days. What PITAKA has been insisting on for a long time, using new materials and designs to bring a better and more unique lifestyle.


Regarding the mobile phone case, it is also the PITAKA MagEZ Case magnetic mobile phone case. It has a built-in steel sheet on the back to ensure better magnetic attraction. The all-aramid fiber material brings a lighter and more comfortable feel. Of course, in order to cater to Apple’s magnetic ecology, it also supports MagSafe, with a simple design while ensuring functionality.


When the mobile phone and the wireless charging module are placed together, the overall magnetic ecology of PITAKA is clearer, and the addition of aramid fiber makes the overall style more simple and individual.


Scenes to be used:
Someone will be surprised at how the charging power of this wireless charging module is. From the data marked, the capacity of this mobile power bank is upgraded to 2800 mAh, and the maximum wireless output power is 5W. This is indeed somewhat unsatisfactory. The wired output is up to 7.5W, which meets the QI standard.


However, I measured the power of the wired output. When the iPhone 12’s power was 47%, the output power reached 10W, but I still feel that it is a pity that it is not satisfied with the 18W fast charge today when PD fast charging is popular.


Of course, there is no need to worry about whether this wireless charging module only supports Apple devices. The wireless charging is triggered by Huawei mobile phones and headsets that support wireless charging, but it cannot support magnetic fixation like Apple.


Then let’s talk about the coordination of the iPhone 12 with this mobile charging module. First, it is equipped with the PITAKA MagEZ Case magnetic mobile phone case. When the wireless charging module is used at the same time, it can be seen that the overall thickness is not very thick, and the wireless charging module The width is smaller than that of a mobile phone, which ensures a comfortable grip


Then let’s take a look at the adaption of the base. When the phone is charging in the base, it can be firmly fixed on it due to the magnetic attraction function, which looks very technological.


Putting the mobile phone horizontally also supports magnetic attraction, so you can use the holder as a mobile phone holder while magnetic charging


From the perspective of user experience, this PITAKA MagEZ Juice 2 charging-free modular wireless charging and magnetic mobile phone case are excellent in workmanship and unique in material, which opens the door to the future of magnetic life. Of course, the charging power is not high enough, and the price is a bit expensive. I hope that it can be changed in the future. Gao Yue also believes that with the development of science and technology, the world of magnetic absorption will blossom, which can bring greater changes to our lives.