YESOUL high rebound ab roller: easy to practice your ab

If you want eight-pack abs, then Yesoul’s high-rebound ab roller is just what you need.The high rebound ab roller launched by YESOUL will further meet the family fitness needs of different users, and make the healthy and happy life concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


In terms of appearance, Yesoul’s high rebound ab roller adopts 168mm wide wheel surface design, which greatly increases the contact area with the ground, making the use process more balanced and safe.1.8m safe springback distance is ergonomic and ensures safe movement without injury, which effectively guarantee the safety of sports.The intelligent LED display monitors the exercise data in real time, while the bluetooth status, the remaining power, the times of the exercise, the cumulative times of the exercise and other data are readily visible.



At the same time, YESOUL high rebound ab roller adopts multiple protective devices and full enveloping structure and multi-layer thickened composite material, which is more durable and strong, wear-resistant and anti-skid, and it does not hurt the floor in the movement.



Yesoul high rebound ab roller is equipped with a new generation of AI sensor chip, built-in core rebound technology, which is more static, more stable and more durable, it achieves data synchronization with Yesoul APP as well.


During exercise, the abdominal muscle fat burning feeling is obvious.All in all, this is the only option for a home-based abs workout that burns calories while also enjoying the fun of the game.