Uniqlo will launch a new co-branded model: Andy Warhol X Kosuke Kawamura Series to be released soon!

How hot Uniqlo’s co-branded series is, I don’t need to introduce it to the editor! Every time a big hit is almost a break, all kinds of familiar artists, big hits, celebrities can be co-branded. Covering almost all kinds of people, everyone loves to wear Uniqlo. For this joint name, Uniqlo directly invited two artists: Andy Warhol and Kosuke Kawamura.


Speaking of Andy Warhol, I have to say the most typical artistic representative of the 20th century-Pop style. This style originated in the early 1950s, and it is also called Neo-Dadaism and Neo-realism. Pop art at this time opposes abstract expression art. It advocates realism and pursues an avant-garde artistic style. Andy was a smash hit around 1960. Under his creation, some ordinary daily necessities have become unique works of art. The most famous is 32 cans of Campbell soup. Portrait of Marilyn Monroe.



The name Kawamura Kosuke is a bit strange at first glance, but as long as you are the ultimate fan of Uniqlo, you must have seen his name. Kawamura Kosuke is a collage artist, graphic designer, and art director. As a graphic designer, he designs patterns for many clothing brands and produces joint T-shirts. As a collage artist, Kawamura has collaborated with many artists and has held many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas.



So what kind of sparks will these two artists collide with? Although there are not many materials released so far, the taste of Andy and Kawamura can be seen from several products. Patterns include, but are not limited to, fruits, geometric figures, abstract human faces, and various logos rich. They are all superimposed using the style of wave spectrum and the style of scrapbooking. It feels very wearable. This series of products will be officially launched on the Uniqlo official website on February 8.