Unlock iPhone 12 new playing method you never know! Its back can suck a lot of iron sand!

Some netizens have unlocked the new gameplay method of the iPhone 12, which is actually not very new, just using the magnetism on the back of the phone.


According to media reports, a netizen accidentally dropped his iPhone on the beach once, of course, on its back. When he picked up the iPhone, he accidentally discovered that there was a lot of iron sand on the back of the iPhone, and it was very shaped obvious.

Seen from the picture, the wireless charging ring and camera on the back are all magnetic.


In addition, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigation of devices such as MagSafe and iPhone 12 believes that these devices pose a low risk to patients with cardiac pacemakers, but caution is recommended.

After Apple revised the wording of its iPhone 12 and MagSafe supporting documents to recommend careful use of these devices near pacemakers, the FDA issued its own guidelines. The agency has conducted its own tests and said that although it needs to be careful, the risk of problems is small.

Although the FDA focuses on mobile phones and smartwatches, its views on increasing the use of magnets are not limited to these products. In addition to using magnets in various types of iPad, Apple is also studying to expand the use of magnets in protective cases and wearable Apple Watch straps.