People who use iPhone11 need to change to iPhone12?

Every year’s iPhone conference is highly anticipated. This year, Apple released four models in one breath, from mini to Pro Max, to meet the needs of different people.

I am very happy to get the trial opportunity of iPhone 12. If I choose one to buy, I will also choose 12. A fashionable model for girls! Photographing, Vlog, work, entertainment, iPhone12 is an excellent life partner.


Although it is not a fruit fan, all the devices used at home are also from Apple, and the iPad Pro has recently been added.



When I first got the iPhone 12, I was quite surprised that the box of this generation is too thin, only half the thickness of the previous one.

I opened it and found that the iPhone 12 does not have headphones and a charging head. No wonder it is so thin and light.

No earphones can understand, anyway, wireless earphones are now in the lead, but it is really inconvenient to have no charging head.


Because the iPhone 12 uses a USB-C cable, which is different from the previous USB cable, if you want to charge, you must be equipped with a separate charging head, or you can choose to use wireless charging.

I tried it for two weeks to share with you some of the experience of using the new iPhone.


The biggest feeling is that iPhone12 and iPhone11 have not changed much in the sense of use, and they are both excellent devices!

If you want to talk about the biggest differences, I think they are in appearance design, 5G and night scene shooting.

The one I got is my favorite little green. This time, the five colors of iPhone 12 are all very good-looking. Unlike the previous 11, its color saturation is much lower. For example, it is also green and looks better than 11. It looks fresher and more fashionable.

Come a wave of Mito crit:




The bigger difference in appearance is its square design, which is different from the arc edges of previous generations. 12 returns to the square edge of the 5s period, which is said to take into account the arrangement of internal parts. But I used it from iPhone6, I still prefer rounded corners. But I think, maybe you get used to it once you use it?

The screen size is the same as the iPhone 11, both 6.1 inches, but the body size is a bit smaller, and the corresponding focus is also lighter, so it feels easier to hold in your hand, and it is more friendly to girls. It fits in a small bag.



For me who have to work with a mobile phone for a long time, it is more comfortable to be lighter.


5G is the current trend, and the iPhone certainly conforms to this trend. However, I have not yet started to use the 5G package, and I usually use Wi-Fi in many cases, so for me, I don’t feel much.

As a blogger, there are usually a lot of shooting records, so I am very concerned about the shooting function of the camera.


The iPhone12 still has two lenses, a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens. I personally think it is enough. I tried to use the iPhone12 to shoot night scenes. Whether it is front or rear, the results are much clearer than the previous iPhone.


In addition, the display has been updated to a Super Retina XDR display.

There are also improvements in operating speed, anti-fall, and video shooting. If it is a few generations of mobile phones, if you switch to 12, you will feel that there is a particularly big change, and the overall will feel much easier to use.

Generally speaking, I personally like Apple’s products very much. Both in design and performance, they are quite excellent. They are very convenient for daily work and life, and they are difficult to replace once they are used. Especially when computers, tablets, headphones and other products are used at the same time, you will find that the convenience and efficiency will be improved a lot!

For the already mature iPhone products, it is difficult to keep improving. I look forward to the next generation of Apple mobile phones, there will be more amazing and surprising changes!

Would you consider changing to iPhone 12? Please leave a message and discuss with me~