We Need to Pay Attention to Food Hygiene and Safety While COVID-19 is Still Spreading

We need to pay attention to food hygiene and safety while COVID-19 is still spreading.People are paying more attention to food hygiene in the family, but often ignored the tableware that contacting with the food. We usually just rinse it then put it on the side and dry it by the natural air. However, because the surface of the newly washed tableware is damp, it is easy to breed bacteria, and it is too long to dry naturally without disinfection, which is very easy to cause secondary pollution. The HUOHOU UVC disinfectant knife holder is aimed at this common problem, which set the storage, sterilization, disinfection and air drying toghther, and the operation just needs a touch.


The appearance of the knife holder is square, and the white color can be perfectly matched with the home environment, which reflects the noble and elegant style.The shell is made of food grade ABS, which is not only safe and environmental, but also has impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics.All edges and corners of the shell are curved to avoid damage to the human body.



There is a large space inside the main machine, and two UVC ultraviolet anti-virus lamps are placed at the bottom, as well as the air outlet for air drying. Four thick silica gel foot pads are set at the bottom of the holder, which greatly increases the friction with the desktop, and the bottom is removable.


The removable cutter holder is made of grey PP material with a depth of 26cm. The front is divided into different areas. The cutter holder is made of wavy grille, which can fix the cutter well.The deeper part is the chopsticks cage that can be placed with knives and forks and other tableware.



As the power supply mode of 5V is adopted to the holder, which can not only be directly connected to the power adapter, but also can be connected to the mobile power.It can be used even if there is no electricity at home.


The knife holder is equipped with an automatic management system without manual setup. All the operations are completed by just pressing the button and the green indicator light comes on. The sterilizing tool holder will work for 40 minutes each time and work for 40 minutes again automatically 2 hours after the work is stopped, and the cycle is repeated.


The knife holder is equipped with the double UVC ultraviolet lamp which has the sterilization effect, the wavelength is 250-280 nanometer, not only the sterilization ability is strong, but also is safer.Two blue indicators are built into the front of the UV lamp to reflect the light blue light emitted by the uv lamp at work.


The knife holder also has a cold air circulation drying system that avoids secondary pollution.However, it is still necessary to simply wipe the knife before it is put in, so as to avoid short circuit caused by direct contact of the motor with water.During the working process, the noise control of the knife holder is very small, which will not cause any influence at all.