Why Are the Beds in Star Hotels So Comfortable? Choose the Right Beddings

The bed is a place where we can relax and stay alone.We spend a third of our lives in bed, and the quality of our sleep has a direct impact on our mental state and health.That’s why choosing a good bed is so important.If you’re tired after a long night of sleep, or you’re constantly waking up with neck and shoulder pain, you need to check your bed.


The choice of bedding also is very important.In general, bedding usually includes bedding sets, quilts, pillows, mattresses, etc. The light system, sweet atmosphere wait is also a part of complete and comfortable morpheus system.The reason why we can get better quality and comfortable sleep experience in high-level hotels is because they attach importance to the construction of sleep system.

The mattress

Mattresses are very important for sleeping. A comfortable mattress helps reduce stress points in our bodies and improves blood circulation.We typically change our sleep position 30 to 60 times during sleep, and keeping your spine relaxed makes a lot of demands on your mattress.Whether the mattress too soft or hard can cause us to toss and turn in sleep.The ideal mattess should achieve the function of softing and supporting at the same time, make its completely adapt to the body.

Mattess should have higher flexibility, which can prolong deepness morpheus time effectively



Although we all have our preferred sleeping positions, we usually change them every 90 minutes.This requires pillows to adequately support the head and neck while we sleep, preventing the neck from continuously bending sideways or forward, or from stretching too far back.


A pillow of moderate height allows the curvature of the cervical spine to be maintained in a neutral position, whether lying left or right.

The filling material of the pillow is another factor to consider.The pillows used in high-level hotels are usually filled with white goose down, which combines the fluffiness and support of memory cotton while being light, breathable and free of heat.


When we buying a quilt, we should pay most attention to its filling material. I recommend natural padded quilts :(1) cotton is the traditional insulation material, cotton quilt is also the most common quilt.Its disadvantage is obvious: heavy.(2) The silk is close to the skin and keeps warm.But silk fiber length, easy to knot, not easy to care.(3) Wool quilt has natural antibacterial property, permanent elasticity.But the permeability is poor, the need for hair allergy to choose carefully.(4) Duvets can be said to be the most lightweight quilt, stuffed with duck down or goose down, the best quality is goose down, which has large hair, small feather and stalk, good quality, elastic foot, strong warmth, followed by duck down.High-level hotels use goose down quilts.It is very warm and breathable.






That’s all I have to say about bedding.Directly select of five-star hotel bedding suppliers to buy the beddings is the most simple and reliable way.Hope this article can provide some help for everybody to the choose and buy bedding.