Recommendation of 10 beautiful INS storage boxes! From only RM10.60!

1. Folder storage box

The PP folder storage box has a texture to the touch. It is not too hard and needs to be assembled by yourself!

Price: RM10.60

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2. INS style dual-purpose tissue box

The tissue box has a card slot, which can be used as a mobile phone holder with a mobile phone. Plastic and wooden cover material, durable and durable.

Price: RM10.80

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3. Two-color storage box for remote control

The remote control storage box with Nordic color matching mainly has a sleek appearance, and the three-compartment storage space is suitable for various remote control devices~

Price: RM15.80

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4. Japanese-style household storage boxes

The Japanese-style storage box is designed like a rattan storage box, and the foldable design saves more space. Both the lid and the bottom have protrusions and grooves, which can be stacked firmly without fear of deformation. There are handles on both sides, making it easier to carry.

Price: RM42.19

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5. Stackable book box

The stackable transparent plastic box can hold about 50 books, and you can find it at a glance when looking for books~ In addition to books, you can also hold clothes, toys and snacks.

Price: RM44.45

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6. Good-looking rice bucket

The rice bucket adopts a push-and-flip type, and rice can be easily taken by pressing a button. You can also know the status of the surplus grain through the visual design of the appearance. There is also an insect-proof material box at the top of the lid, you can put star anise/garlic or deoxidizer, so that the rice bucket is not prone to insects!

Price: RM51.20

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7. Personal clothing storage box

This is a storage box that specializes in storing personal clothes. There are three-layer integrated and four-layer integrated options. The storage box is designed with drawers, making it more convenient to take clothes.

Price: RM62.74

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8. Cosmetic storage box

A must-have cosmetic storage box for the little fairy, put the bottles and jars into it! ABS material is waterproof and moisture-proof. There are 2 colors available. The white model is so beautiful! The Nordic style is simple but very unique!

Price: RM68

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9. Jewelry storage box

Girls who love mobile phone earrings and jewelry must buy this storage box. The building block-style wall hanging and double drawers can store more jewelry. The jewelry box is also equipped with a rotating design, and the built-in 5-layer tower box can be drawn out in the middle of the high-end version of the jewelry box!

Price: RM80.75

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10. Trash with storage

The Nordic style trash can is too fashionable! The trash can also has a handle, and the 10L large capacity can hold two trash bags at the same time, which helps sort the trash. Skin-friendly design, as well as styles of different colors, each color brings out a different style ~ such a trash in the same room does not feel obtrusive.

Price: RM83.90

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