Can you understand Givenchy’s new product? The legendary “colorful” black

Today, when I was reviewing the new cosmetics information, I came to the Givenchy makeup series “GEMSTONE TEMPTATION”, this series is inspired by GEMSTONE TEMPTATION (natural gemstones) to create a series of makeup that is surrounded by mysterious gems.


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Take a closer look. Is it black lipstick? That’s right, this is black lipstick, or the legendary colorful black


In fact, it’s not the first time that black lipstick has appeared in makeup brands. From MAC, Givenchy, to Sephor, NYX, Kat Von D, etc., there have been similar “black lipsticks”, which are also classified as 2 types according to color rendering and texture.


Of course, this lipstick is not completely unusable in daily life. It can be superimposed on other colors, and it can be regarded as having a new color number, like #ON AND ON, because it comes with blue-purple polarized light, the overlay is also beautiful.


There is also a type that is similar to Dior color changing lipstick. It looks black, but the color is very light, which is similar to the effect of lip balm on the mouth. Pat Mc Grath and HFP have produced such products. Givenchy’s original taboo kiss #16 is also a color changing lipstick~


Compared with pink and tender lipsticks/lipsticks, black lipsticks are more “masculine”, even if they are used by boys, there is no sense of contradiction. After all, boys need to protect their lips.


And Givenchy’s new product is similar to the color-changing lipstick.

It is still named after the iconic taboo “L’INTERDIT”, and a total of 4 color numbers are launched. The marbled paste is mysterious and psychedelic. Natural black rose essential oil is added, and the mouth is silky and plump after use it, and the color will change with the change of the pH value of the lips. Some color numbers also incorporate delicate pearlescent, and the dark cream forms a special makeup effect~


The four color numbers are 16, 21, 22, and 23, of which 16 is the new color, and 21, 22, and 23 are the limited color numbers. The two sticks of “black lipstick” with the darkest cream color, the color that comes out is rather clear among the four sticks


No.16 Noir Revellatour (top): black paste, deep berry red, suitable for layering. In fact, the color number, naming and appearance of this one are exactly the same as the original taboo kiss #16, but it is officially said to be a new color, so let’s just treat it as a new color;

No.21 Onyx Marble (below): Agate black blends with purple pearl, which is a clear berry color;

The other two are slightly more color-focused


No.22 Garnet Marble (top): Silver pearl is added to the garnet red, showing a gorgeous and full red, single coating is also completely possible;

No.23 Quartz Marble (below): The rose color is added with golden quartz pearl, which is a feminine rose color, elegant and feminine;