Shocking! This Kohler smart toilet is so cool that it can glow!

Kohler has always been a big international brand, and its new toilets are also unique. The new NUMI is Kohler’s new sound and light smart toilet.

NUMI toilet is equipped with high-fidelity sound, with 5 sound and light themes: sunrise, forest, ocean, illusion, party themes, toilet backlight, and bottom light can be changed with music, plus sound effects, let you go to the toilet It has also become a new and comfortable experience. You can also talk to it, it comes with voice control, you can send voice commands to it, select the toilet smart mode, and just move your mouth. You don’t need to manually press the remote control like other smart toilets. Also, you can complete weather inquiries, switch music, control other smart bathroom equipment, etc., such as Hello Kohler, turn on the toilet light; Hello Kohler, I want to listen to Mandarin songs, etc., tell it to execute directly.

Besides, its appearance is also cool enough, which is different from the popular sleek shape. Its right-angled geometric shape is very full, and its halo makes people shine. Even the flip cover is unique, as elegant as a ballerina. The smooth surface of the top cover is always facing you, looking good and hygienic.