Chiffon Cakes -Creative Desserts Without Molds in an eggshell!

Novices can also make soft and good chiffon,
3 eggs| 6 egg shells| 25g corn oil| 30g milk| 30g powdered sugar| 45g flour powder| 2/3 drops of lemon juice| 3 drops of orange pigment| 6 drops of yellow pigment) | the amount of melted chocolate
.person mixing dough
️Knock a small hole on the top of the egg, then peel the eggshell to the size as shown in the figure, and separate the egg yolk and egg white
️Rinse the eggshell, soak it in warm water for 10 minutes, gently rub out the film in the eggshell with your hands, and dry it for later use
️Put 30 grams of milk and 25 grams of corn oil into 3 egg yolks, stir and mix well, pour in 45 grams of sieved low powder, and mix well
️Whipping the egg whites: beat the egg whites until large bubbles are added, then add lemon juice and 1/3 of the powdered sugar to beat, and when the dense small bubbles appear, add 1/3 of the powdered sugar to continue to beat, and when the lines appear, add the last 1/3 of the powdered sugar is beaten until hard foaming (just lift the egg beater to show upright small sharp corners)
️Add the whipped egg whites into the egg yolk paste three times and mix evenly, and finally add the pigment to mix, and put it into a piping bag

cupcakes on slab
️Roll the tin foil into a ball to fix the eggshell, squeeze the batter into the eggshell, about 2/3 full, gently pat the eggshell or shake it slightly, the remaining batter can be squeezed into a paper cup to make cupcakes and put in the oven Bake the middle layer at 150°C for 25 minutes (Key point: must be preheated in advance)
️After the eggshell cake is out of the oven, let it cool, trim the excess part with scissors, peel off part of the eggshell, gently press and unmold, and then flip the cake back into the eggshell (this step is super fun haha)
️Use the melted chocolate to draw expressions, and the excess cakes are rolled into small hands, and the zero mold version of the egg yolk is born~

white and red heart candies on brown woven basket