Xiaomi releases Mijia smart microwave oven

The appearance of the Mijia smart microwave oven is similar to that of the previous Mijia microwave oven. The whole body is pure and elegant. It only retains two touch buttons and a multi-function knob. The panel is simple and easy to use. Special one-key quick heating function, just press the knob to heat, and the heating time can still be adjusted during heating.

Micro-baking is a multi-purpose machine, equipped with microwave and quartz tube grilling functions, which can not only complete the heating and steaming functions of the microwave oven, but also use the quartz tube for grilling, which effectively saves kitchen space.


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With the dual firepower of 800W microwave + 1000W barbecue, the all-in-one machine can not only sterilize various non-metallic tableware, baby bottles and other common items with the thermal effect of microwave, but also sterilize metal utensils through light waves to meet various sterilization needs.

It also supports APP intelligent linkage. After connecting to the Mijia APP, it can be remotely controlled through the APP or Xiao Ai. At the same time, 15 built-in recipes and 25 extended smart recipes can be used in the APP with one click, and the ingredients and steps are clear at a glance.

Built-in three thawing modes, special optimization for meat, poultry, seafood and other common foods that need to be thawed, intelligent intermittent heating, fast thawing while keeping the deliciousness of the ingredients.


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