Why Pixel 6/Pro’s under screen fingerprint recognition is slow? Here is the reason!

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have a lot of praise, but their under-screen fingerprints are not among them.

Since the Pixel 6 series was released in October, users have been complaining about its slow and unreliable fingerprint sensor, which makes it troublesome to unlock the phone.

Recently, Google finally responded to these complaints to users.

We are sorry to cause you trouble. The fingerprint sensor of the Pixel 6 series uses enhanced security algorithms. In some cases, these additional protections may take longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor.

Google provided a link to the support page below the response, which did not actually provide much help except for recommending to ensure that the fingers are clean and that the fingers are registered on the phone.

The Pixel 6 series uses an under-screen optical fingerprint sensor instead of an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor like the Samsung Galaxy S21.

But some Twitter netizens said that the optical fingerprint sensor works well on their OnePlus phones, which may indicate a specific software problem with the Pixel 6 series.