In order to recommend Pixel phones to LG users, Google advertises frantically

We know that in April this year, South Korea’s LG Electronics announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone market.

Due to the rapid development of other mobile phone brands, LG mobile phones have steadily declined in the market and have suffered losses for 6 consecutive years.

LG Electronics has been exploring the product effects of mobile phones, home appliances, and TVs to maintain its business, but it has fallen behind in the fierce competition in the mobile phone market.

As LG mobile phones withdrew, Google tried to attract LG users to switch to their own Pixel phones.

On October 26, according to a report from Android Central, Google released a commercial today. The opening paragraph is “113 reasons you should switch to Google Pixel when the maker of your old phone stops making phones”.

Google said that when your phone’s manufacturer stops producing phones, you should switch to Google Pixel.

Although Google did not name LG in the ad, this passage clearly implies that “LG has withdrawn from the mobile phone market, and old users can consider switching to Pixel phones.”

Google also pointed out that Pixel phones can provide a complete Android ecological experience, and will provide Android major version updates as soon as possible. It is worthwhile for users to change their models to Pixel.