Internal Pixel 6 assemble video! What you wanna know are all here!

With 2 weeks prior to the Google officially releases and details the Pixel 6 phone, there are more and more info about the flagship devices are emerging. The latest Pixel 6 Pro leak is quite odd and appears to be internal assembly and teardown videos of the unreleased phone.

A cursive-esque font notes steps with each part and tool labeled with what looks to be an internal “G” code. There are also various “caution” and “note” advisories throughout, as well as highlights and still pictures to aid the process.

One of the first components attached to the rear casing is the “MLB” (which could stand for the “main logic board”). Since everything is already soldered and covered, we do not get to see the Google Tensor chip.

We get to see the sizable “FCAM” (the front-facing camera) and top speaker to the left of that component. Meanwhile, we get a good look at the three-lens rear camera array which is one shared piece.