Will Redmi Note 11 be equipped with 120W fast charger? How about make a guess?

On October 28th, Redmi will hold a new product launch conference. At that time, the Redmi Note 11 series and the new Redmi Watch 2 smart watch, which has been warmed up for many days, will officially debut.

Tonight, Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing posted a blog saying “rehearsal now!” At this time, a curious netizen left a message in the comment area: “Can you send a 120W charger?” Lu Weibing replied that it was too expensive.

So, does the Redmi Note 11 series send a 120W charger? Or will the official launch a method of “adding 1 RMB to get a charging kit”? Perhaps this is one of the biggest suspense at the press conference that day.

However, according to Redmi’s tradition of extreme cost-effectiveness in the past, there is a high probability that a 120W charger is indispensable.

It is understood that the Redmi Note 11 series will be equipped with 120W fast charging.

At the same time, the dual-cell + dual-charge pump scheme will be adopted. The dual-cells are connected in series, and the voltage of a single cell is lowered, making charging safer, while the dual-charge pumps are connected in parallel, with lower resistance and less heat.

In addition, in order to make battery life longer, the Note 11 series will also have a built-in 4500mAh high-capacity battery.

Combined with the officially announced parameters, the Redmi Note 11 series will be the world’s first Dimensity 920 processor, with a 100 million pixel ultra-clear main camera, equipped with an AMOLED screen, and support 120Hz high brush and 360Hz touch sampling rate.

In terms of ID design, the frame design of the Redmi Note 11 has edges and corners. The four frames have rounded corners and are all right-angled frames, similar to the iPhone 13 released not long ago.