With 6 key points, the final beta version of iOS 14.6 RC is released

Apple released the iOS 14.6 RC version update for developers and public test users. The internal version number is 18F71. It also predicts that the official version of iOS 14.6 will be launched next week.

In this update, the updated content of the new version is also exposed in advance. Through this article, you can quickly take everyone to understand the 6 major update highlights and key points of the official version of iOS 14.6.


Apple began to test the final version under the name of the RC version (Release Candidate). This time the release of iOS 14.6 RC means that the current test function has been roughly completed, and there will be no major changes, and no new functions will be added if there is no accident.

At the same time, it also said that it is not far from the official version of iOS 14.6. “Mr. Crazy” estimates that the official version of iOS 14.6 will be released in the early morning of May 25.

What’s new in iOS 14.6

1. Fix iPhone performance degradation problem
2. Home Apple Card
3. Podcasts subscription system
4. AirTag support search
5. Accessibility
6. Fix various errors

Fix iPhone performance degradation during startup

Apple stated on the official developer website that iPadOS / iOS 14.6 has corrected the serious problem of iPhone performance degradation during startup. Mr. Crazy also confirmed that the iOS 14.5.1 and iOS 14.6 beta2 versions do have a significant decline in iPhone multi-core performance.


Apple Card Family Sharing

Apple Card can be shared with up to 5 family members, including anyone over the age of 13 in “Family Sharing”
Apple Card Family adds support for family members to track expenses, manage expenses through optional limits and controls, and jointly establish credit.

Starting from iOS 14.6, countries/regions that are open to apply for Apple Card (currently Taiwan is not yet open) can use the “Apple Card Family Sharing (Apple Card Family)” function.

As long as you set it through the Wallet App, you can allow family members to share an Apple Card Apple credit card, shared with up to 5 family members, and must be over 13 years old, and can also track expenditures and quotas.


Podcasts subscription system

Apple teased that iOS 14.6 will also add the new feature of Apple Podcasts subscription-level subscription channels, and listeners will be able to explore the channel by program through the unique title, narrative and cover provided by the creator.

It also allows the global market platform to allow listeners to explore the premium subscription services provided by their favorite creators and millions of free programs in Apple Podcasts.


AirTag support search

AirTag lost mode function, you can choose to add email or phone number in “Find Network”
When tapping a device that supports the NFC function.

In iOS 14.6, Apple added “Use Email” to contact for AirTag lost mode.

For users who do not want to leave a phone number, you can directly change to “use email” on the input phone number setting page when the lost mode is turned on.



Voice control users can use their voice to unlock iPhone for the first time after restarting

Fix various errors

After using the unlock iPhone on the Apple Watch, it cannot be unlocked with the Apple Watch
The reminder will appear as a blank line

Prevent extension may not appear in “Settings”

During a call, the Bluetooth device may sometimes disconnect or send audio to other devices