With a 0.7-inch panoramic giant screen: LUCI Immers over-the-head theater

In order to obtain a cinema-level experience at home, it generally requires the cooperation of projectors, audio, and other equipment. The cost of construction is very high. Of course, there is still LUCI Immers on the market. Although it is an experimental product, the actual playback experience is really good. It can restore the cinema-level viewing experience.


LUCI Immers provides a wealth of accessories. In addition to the glasses body that can be worn directly, it also includes a Bluetooth remote control. In addition, there is also an HDMI to USB-C adapter for connecting to a PC. Also, it can be used directly to connect the dual USB-C data cable of the mobile phone, and finally, there are storage boxes and manuals.


The assembly and use of this device are relatively simple. It can be used directly on its host, and a headband can also be added to improve stability. Because the part that contacts the eye socket is made of silicone material, so it fits better, and there is no pressure.



The weight of LUCI Immers itself can be controlled well. The body is about 180 grams. With components such as eye masks, the weight is only about 350 grams. In addition, there are no buttons on this device, only a knob for adjusting the interpupillary distance. After wearing it, the operation must be done via Bluetooth remote control.


There are not many interfaces on the device, including a USB-C interface and a 3.5mm headphone jack. As a device for watching video content, and an additional headset is needed to hear the audio. It is really not convenient to use.


LUCI Immers displays content through a set of 0.7-inch full HD resolution Micro-OLED screens inside. Although the resolution looks average, the PPI has reached 3147. Therefore, combined with the actual use environment of this type of head-mounted display device, the picture effect is still very delicate, which is much better than that of ordinary mobile phones.


This device supports multi-platform use. Generally, we directly use dual USB-C data cables, connect one end to LUCI immers, and the other end to a mobile phone, and then it can be used through the client platform of LUCI immers.



In terms of video playback, LUCI Immers has a relatively closed environment during playback, so the ambient light in actual use has basically no effect on its playback effect. This should be the advantage of this type of head display over TVs, projections, and other equipment. The contrast and picture quality of the small screen itself is also very good, and the details of the picture and the vividness of the colors are well controlled.



In general, the picture effect that LUCI Immers can bring is really good, but some details still need to be optimized, such as the richness of resources, the realism of virtual scenes, and the compatibility with mobile phones and other devices. The use of it has caused a big impact. Fortunately, as a playback device equipped with dual Micro-OLED screens and 3147 PPI, the impact of its screen is much better than that of ordinary mobile phones and PCs.