Xbox Game Pass almost certainly coming to Android TV soon

Multiple pieces of evidence support the idea that you’ll be able to stream Xbox games on Android TV very soon.

If you want to stream Xbox games on your Android phone or tablet, you can just go to the Goole Play Store. There, you’ll find the official Xbox Game Pass app.


Considering Android TV is just Android, it’s strange that you can’t find a TV-optimized version of the app. However, it looks like that’s about to change soon. We have two strong pieces of evidence to suggest that we’ll see Xbox cloud gaming on Android TV very soon.

The first piece of evidence comes from Reddit (via XDA-Developers). A Redditor found that when you teardown the Game Pass APK, you can find a banner image for the app that matches what you’d find on Android TV. Since any Android TV-optimized app would need this banner image, and apps not optimized wouldn’t, it’s pretty clear what the intention is here.


The second piece of evidence comes from 9to5Google. The team there found that if you sideload the Xbox Game Pass app, it loads a banner image to the Android TV home screen. The app still isn’t on the TV version of the Play Store and its functionality is still all kinds of wonky, but we can be assured that Microsoft is laying down the proper groundwork.

Judging from this information, we guess we’ll see Xbox Game Pass on Android TV within a few months or even sooner. Stay tuned!