Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone is about to debut

This product does not refer to the new Xiaomi tablet, because in the comments, the blogger mentioned “this pad is not a pad, and the real pad has to wait”, so we can boldly speculate that this pad should not be a tablet. , And it may be Xiaomi’s folding screen products.

At present, Xiaomi is not only ready to launch its new folding screen products, but also puts the form of MIUI compatible products on the agenda. I believe we will soon see the prototype of the installation.


Regarding Xiaomi’s new folding screen, the showcase was officially announced as early as last year. Not long ago, the latest news from well-known foreign bloggers indicated that the machine will adopt the same internal folding design as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, but the main screen will be a whole, without any openings, and the look and feel will be better.

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