Xiaomi Mi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Edition is officially released

Xiaomi mobile phone officially announced the launch of the special gift for Xiaomi Mi 11 White Day-Mi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Edition.


It is reported that the Mi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Edition uses a brand new star diamond packaging, which covers the whole body with a shining star diamond, and also has a star diamond protective shell. The back also uses a full coverage star diamond design. Shining in the light and shadow.

Xiaomi officially stated: We hope that the girls with various gestures will move forward, bloom, and shine on their own lives.


In addition to the star diamond gift box, Xiaomi also provides the original star diamond protective phone case that can be purchased separately, which is exactly the same as the star diamond gift box set. The official said that the back shell evenly covers nearly 10,000 artificial crystals, and the price is ¥299.


In terms of configuration, the Mi 11 Star Diamond Gift Box Edition is consistent with the standard version. It is equipped with the industry’s top flagship Snapdragon 888 processor, with LPDDR5 memory, Wi-Fi 6 enhanced version, Harman Kardon certified stereo dual speakers, and Muti-Function NFC and infrared remote control.

As a flagship phone product, the quality of the display screen is also very important. Xiaomi Mi 11 is equipped with the best four-curved screen in Xiaomi’s history, with a 2K resolution, 120Hz high refresh rate, 480Hz touch sampling rate peak, and the value of brightness can reach 1500nit. It also supports a primary color screen and 10bit color depth.