Xiaomi Mijia washing machine mini is on sale: The price is 170 US dollars

At the recent Xiaomi Civi new product launch conference, the Mijia washing machine mini, known as “the second washing machine for young people”, was officially released.

After several days of pre-sales, this new product is officially on sale today at a price of 170 US dollars.

It is understood that the Mijia washing machine mini mainly cleans personal clothes, has deep sterilization and high-temperature cooking and washing functions for removing mites.

Studies have shown that wearing personal clothing for a day can breed as many as 100 million bacteria, and cross-washing makes it easier for bacteria and mites to multiply, and hand-washing cannot kill bacteria.

According to professional inspections, Mijia Washing Machine Mini can effectively remove the three major molds hidden in personal clothing at a water temperature of 60°C.

Among them, the removal rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli under the pasteurization washing mode reached 99.99%, and the removal rate of Candida albicans under the underwear washing mode reached 99.3%. At the same time, the use of strong water flow and high temperature heating not only removes mites, but also effectively removes pollen allergens. The removal rate of mites is as high as 99.99%, and the removal rate of pollen allergens is 99.8%.


In addition, it supports 10 kinds of special stain washing, and provides different professional washing solutions for baby food, soil stains, chocolate stains, collars, cooking stains, etc.

Not only that, the product supports Xiao Ai to make appointments for washing, issue washing program instructions, query remaining washing time and other operations, and can also perform OTA online upgrades, and massive functions continue to be updated.

The Mijia washing machine mini adopts a desktop design that does not take up space, with a volume of only 0.16m², which can be placed freely and has a capacity of 1kg, which is suitable for changing and washing personal clothes.

One set of fitness clothes, 4 sets of baby clothes, 2 sets of base clothes or 10 towels can be washed in a single time.