Xiaomi Mi 12 has entered mass production: New design has never been seen before

According to the currently known news, it is basically certain that Xiaomi Mi 12 will be officially released next month and is one of the first mobile phones equipped with the new flagship platform of the Snapdragon 8 gen1.

Unfortunately, there is still no specific news and pictures about the appearance of the new phone, but some netizens have reposted that Xiaomi Mi 12 will use a “ring”-shaped rear camera module, but the specific source is not clear. 

In this regard, the blogger retorted, saying that the real design of the Mi 12 rear camera is very different from the current Internet rumors, and said that the machine will adopt a completely different new design scheme from the previous one.


Although the blogger could not reveal the specific design of the new phone, he accidentally revealed a more important message: Xiaomi Mi 12 has entered mass production.

At present, the release date of Mi 12 should be one month away. If Mi 12 is really in mass production, as reported.

Then the first batch of stocks can undoubtedly be greatly guaranteed, and can avoid the situation of being sold out in an instant.

In addition, there is news recently that in addition to the Xiaomi Mi 12 Standard Edition, Xiaomi will also bring a small-sized Snapdragon 870 flagship.

This is the practical flagship phone that many users have been waiting for for a long time, and it is very worthy of attention.