Xiaomi Mi 12 real photo and specs! What you wanna know are all here!

Judging from the current news from all parties, the final appearance of Mi 12 is very similar to this design. The front will use a double-sided micro-curved screen similar to MIX 4. At the same time, due to the use of a new generation of packaging technology, the frame is also narrower.

As for the back design, the Xiaomi Mi 12 standard version should still adopt the three-camera solution, but it is reported that its sensor will bring a lot of upgrades. The arrangement of the previous generation may no longer be applicable, and a similar solution to MIX 4 is likely to be adopted.

Moreover, many Xiaomi users currently think that the MIX 4’s rear camera is more beautiful.

On the whole, the appearance of the Mi 12 will draw on the user’s evaluation of the Mi 11 this year. The main points are basically improved, and it is a mobile phone with all-round enhancements.


How much will the Xiaomi 12 cost?
Again, there’s no official price for the Xiaomi 12, as it’s still a while before we expect it to be launched. So, once more, we turn to the previous models.

Xiaomi Mi 11 – £749/€749 (around $910)
Xiaomi Mi 10 – £799/€799 (around $1,095)
Xiaomi Mi 9 – £499/€449 (around $685)
Xiaomi Mi 8 – £459/€459 (around $630)

Over time the range has risen in price. The main jump was between the Mi 9 and the Mi 10, with the Mi 11 staying around the same price point. As a 12 Ultra is also rumoured to follow on from the Mi 11 Ultra, which cost £1,199/€1,199, we hope that Xiaomi can keep the price tag the same when the new model arrives.