Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Design, Specs, Release Date, Price, Review

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra flagship phone, currently sold by Lei Jun Xiaomi. In particular, it has exposed many errors and many consumers want to buy it with hesitating thoughts. Therefore, as far as the current situation is concerned, the sales of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra are far below expectations. Therefore, the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra concept mobile phone appeared recently, which seems to inspire confidence in the research and development of Xiaomi mobile phones.


According to the rendering design of the machine, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra concept machine is first-class in appearance design and configuration specifications, which arouses people’s expectations.


From the front, this Xiaomi 12 Ultra concept phone uses a non-perforated screen, which means that its front camera is located below the upper right corner of the screen and is equipped with an ultra-narrow screen frame that allows the phone to occupy the screen. The ratio is almost 100%, which is quite amazing.

From the configuration information, the screen of Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra is a 2K screen and a 144Hz refresh rate screen. Affirmed the superfine picture quality, and the screen operation is very smooth, and the hand feels very good.

From the back, Mi 12 Ultra uses a rear camera layout similar to Mi 11 Ultra. The difference is that there is a secondary screen design on the right, which can preview some notifications, dates, and other information in advance, which is very convenient and very easy to identify.


The camera supports a new laser focus, which can achieve 10x lossless optical zoom shooting and 120x digital zoom, which is very good.

In terms of core configuration, it is reported that the machine will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, a built-in 5500mAh high-capacity battery, and support 120W super-fast charging. You can look forward to it.