Xiaomi multi-functional chest bag: small body with large capacity

Sometimes, you still need to take some necessary things to go out easily, such as mobile phone, data cable, charge bank, earphone, keys, wallet, etc. How to solve this problem with a simple and fashionable bag, Xiaomi multi-functional chest bag may be your best choice.


The surface of the bag is made of PU leather. The whole material is light and wear-resistant, and the fabric is soft and smooth, which makes the hand feel very good.At the same time it does waterproof treatment, you will not afraid of being wet in rainy days.


The YKK zipper on the front of the chest bag adopts a gray color scheme, which is smooth and free of lag.


The back of the chest bag also adds a thick layer of cushioning material to fit the body, so that the back won’t rub the clothes for a long time.Two relatively wide straps are extended at both ends of the chest bag, which will not feel tight. The nylon shoulder straps can be adjusted by themselves according to needs. The customized high-end buckles are also very elastic when being used. There are many layers of storage space. Three zippers divide the small space into three layers.


The design of a small net bag in the middle layer is suitable for placing mobile phones, battery packs, paper towels and so on. The reasonable design of the interlayer can sort out daily carry-on items and accurately find the required items.



There is also a hidden layer on the bottom part of the body, and the back pocket is a hidden small pull button,  which you can put some private things.


Overall, this bag is easy to carry around, small in size, large in volume, simple and full of detail.