Xiaomi Official: Excellent experience is all in exchange for electric power!

The power consumption of mobile phones has always been a headache for many users: Where did all the power go if you obviously didn’t do anything?

Today, Xiaomi’s official executive Qiao Zhongliang responded to this question from users in the Xiaomi community.

According to Qiao Zhongliang, if the system bug is excluded, the higher the hardware specifications, the faster the power consumption will naturally be in the same scenario.

For example, four speakers, more speakers, good vibration and sound effects, but the power consumption is definitely greater.

The same is true for high brushes. The fluency of reality is better, but the power consumption is not small.

The same is true for downloads. 5G has a faster download rate, but it will also bring higher power consumption per unit time.

In general, most excellent experiences are exchanged for more energy.


Finally, Qiao Zhongliang also used a schematic diagram to show the power consumption principle of the hardware, indicating that the higher the hardware specification, the greater the performance requirements of the application, and the more power consumption will naturally be.

Although the navigation and game also use speakers, CPU/GPU, screen and 5G communication, because the game has higher requirements for the CPU/GPU, the power consumption of the game will be higher after the same use for one hour.

Similarly, in actual use, the more hardware and functions a user needs to call for an application, the greater the power consumption will naturally be.

And the more resident functions in normal standby mode, the more hardware will continue to run in the background, and the more power consumption will be.

Therefore, properly turning off unnecessary functions and cleaning up unnecessary background processes can effectively extend the standby time of the phone.